Awards & Prizes 2015-2016
  • Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival
    8th March 2016 (Participants)
    Award for Outstanding Director: He Zhenhao
    Award for Outstanding Performer: He Zhenhao and Huen Ka Wai
    Award for Outstanding Script
    Award for Commendable Overall

  • ‘Speak Out, Act Up’ Improvised Drama Competition
    25 April 2016 (Participants)
    Awards: Use of Language (Team Prize)

  • Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Secondary Schools English Talent Show
    7th May 2016 (Participants)
    Award: Championship (Drama / Musical)

  • 2016 English International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (Organized by UNSW Global Australia)
    Date: March 2016
    LI ZHI TONY 4D (19) 25/60 (Credit) In the top 33 % of Form 4 Participants in HK
    KO WAI HO 4A (24) 24/60 (Merit) In the top 38 % of Form 4 Participants in HK
    CHE YAOCHENG 3B (11) 23/60 (Merit) In the top 40 % of Form 3 Participants in HK




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